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14 February 1977
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I no longer use this account for anything except commenting. My new blog is at Blogspot.
autodidacticism, avoiding false equivalences, baseball, coats, coffee, cognitive biases, consent fetish, cultural narratives, delta psi, doing right, drinking songs, economics, enthusiastic consent, euphoric epiphanies, feminist-positive sex, fifteen-minute expertise, free-as-in-speech love, game design, gaming, gender roles, generational analysis, giving advice, growing closer, hypertext, idiohistory, ifmud, improvisational cooking, intellectual property, interactive fiction, joie de vivre, law librarians, librarians, library science, metacognition, might as well love, mobile computing, overdeveloped senses of propriety, pirates, polyamory, positive-sex feminism, reading everything, recovering from shyness, reinventing the wheel, reluctant paladins, righteous anger 3x/day, sapiosexuality, shanties, singing, sociocultural feminism, speculative fiction, st. anthony hall, statistics, thinking too much, trusted strangers, turning a phrase, unrestricted affection, usenet, word fu, wordplay, writing, young adult literature

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