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On Vox: Not sure what's going on... [May. 1st, 2007|09:11 pm]
Jeff's LiveJournal

Something happened in one of the downstairs apartments. I heard some shouting and then a thud or crash.  Now there's a lot of police cars out front.

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[User Picture]From: mojojessjo
2007-05-02 03:29 am (UTC)
Oh my God. Are you and Keri okay?
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[User Picture]From: jfpbookworm
2007-05-02 03:37 am (UTC)
We're okay. Haven't been out of the apartment since a policeman knocked on our door and asked if we were all right. Most of the cops are gone now, but Keri looked out the window and said there's a biohazard/cleanup vehicle still out there.
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